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"Mckenzie has been my massage therapist for over 8 years and her massage technique is the absolute best. Whether I need therapeutic massage for an injury or massage for relaxation, she's the only one I'll go to. As an avid year-round cyclist and mountain bike coach, massage is part of my health routine and Mckenzie exceeds my expectations every time. I highly recommend her services to everyone." Acacia W.



When people hear the words Therapeutic Massage they typically think of a very intense, concentrated massage, usually focused on a specific trouble area.

When people hear the words Relaxation Massage they typically think of a very gentle massage usually not focused on any particular area of the body. I have heard this described as “having someone rub lotion on you”.

My massage is a combination of the two styles. I take the best parts of each and combine them to create a Therapeutic Relaxation Massage. All massage is therapeutic and all massage should be relaxing. I help clients relax while still being able to get therapeutic work done. This can be in specific trouble areas or throughout the whole body.

Before each massage session I discuss what my client needs on that specific day and then adapt my massage to help fulfill that particular need. If they need deep work on one or more focus areas, then that is what we do. If they just want to relax, melt into the table, and feel like they are relaxing on a beach somewhere far away, I can accommodate that as well. Communication is the key to receiving a Therapeutic and Relaxing massage.

Available in either 60 or 90 minute sessions.

New massage clients by referral only. 


Combine the calming effects of your massage with targeted visualizations/meditations to address the issues that are causing your stress and tension. 

A large part of BodyMind Coaching is embodiment. In the BodyMind Method, the term embodiment means listening not only to your brain, but to your body as well. When you are able to experience embodiment, you are able to more fully listen to the language of the body and understand the messages that it is trying to communicate to you. When you are able to understand these messages, you can approach your life in a more fulfilling and aligned way. Massage is a helpful way to get embodied because of it's relaxing nature. When your body and mind are able to relax at the same time, it becomes easier to listen to your intuition and inner knowing. Calming the mind and concentrating on the body helps move the focus away from the everyday problems and onto the big picture.

These sessions begin with a 15-20 minute conversation about the things in your life that are causing the most stress. Then we discuss how you would like to feel instead. I use this information to help implement visualization/meditation during your massage to help you shift your thinking while you are in an embodied state. After your massage we take 10-15 minutes to discuss any shifts you have experienced and set a goal for between our visits. 

Available in either 90 or 120 minute sessions. 



BodyMind Coaching is a technique that provides powerful coaching conversations along with embodiment exercises online or in person to help you create healthier habits around managing your daily stress, getting unstuck, and making significant steps toward big changes in your life. Every client will receive a customized coaching program created just for you and your individual needs. 

~Single Sessions 

Learn skills to keep you moving forward in your life. 

~3 Month Program

Make progress toward your goals.

~6 Month Program

Commit to big moves in your life.

What to know more?

Please contact me to schedule your embodied discovery call.


"I am very skeptical of most activities and programs designed to help you become 'better than you are' or changing how you respond or feel.  I’ve been critical of massage, counseling, yoga, and meditation, finding them to be comforting, but not the initiation of change.  So, you can imagine how surprised I am to be so impressed by the BodyMind program!  My focus was to  build my confidence which had suffered when I was in a car accident two years ago.  Through Mckenzie’s thoughtful guidance, I was able to confront things I didn’t realize needed confronting.  I pushed out of my comfort zone and rediscovered how good it feels to try new things and to volunteer to help others.  I learned to push back negative thoughts… even in my dreams!  I was positively impacted by this program and hope to continue on with it in the future."  Holly R.

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