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The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy is the Premier Study Abroad program in


the World for Massage Therapy Certification. Committed to excellence,


and maintaining the tradition of massage as an art form; the education at CRSMT


balances the sciences of the human body, the artistic techniques of massage and


bodywork, modern business strategies, and holistic lifestyle principles. An underlying


acknowledgment and celebration of the human spirit creates personal and spiritual


depth to the program.


CRSMT also recognizes and respects the ancient history and essential artistic element


of massage therapy and keeps it firmly categorized as a “healing art”.  They create a


strong and deep foundation by teaching many and varied techniques while


developing and honing critical thinking skills. 


CRSMT promotes the Costa Rican “Pura Vida” philosophy and include holistic


lifestyle principles in our curriculum. Students learn a balanced and healthy approach


to lifestyle and self-care practices through the study of a holistic wellness model that


includes nutrition, movement therapies, and fitness. Students are encouraged and


given tools to develop and implement their own self-care regimens with the goal of


career fulfillment and longevity.

Thai Training

"Paired with Mckenzie's masterful technique,

her calming energy allows an excellent space for full body and mind rejuvenation.


Whether I am looking for relief from everyday stress

or need some more aggressive bodywork done she is attentive to the details my body needs."


- Merritt R.


The BodyMind Coaching program came into my life during the Covid-19 lockdowns. I


was stressed, overwhelmed, and worried about money.  I was tired of being a typical


massage therapist with the same daily routine. I knew it was time for a change but felt


stuck and didn’t know what the next step looked like. That is when I found Laura Wieck


and the BodyMind Coaching program.

This program is focused on helping wellness professionals take their businesses to the


next level by learning the skills to affect clients on a deeper level and instilling the


knowledge that when we are in pain, our bodies are trying to tell us something.

People have been taught to listen to our minds and not our bodies. BodyMind

Coaching helps incorporate the language of the body into our everyday lives so that


we are living from a more authentic place. It teaches us to listen to the body, our gut


feelings and intuition, and to use that information to live more fully aware and whole.

By being able to understand our whole selves, we are more fully able to express


ourselves, advocate for ourselves, and insist on receiving what we deserve. Whether


that is a promotion, a pay raise, or even just some me time, we are empowered to know


what we deserve and with the confidence to request it for ourselves.

BodyMind Coaching is the best self-care I have ever experienced. Even though I had to


close the business a second time due to Covid- 19 numbers rising, I was less stressed


and overwhelmed. I was able to shift my mindset and to stay positive while so much of


the population continued to struggle with stress, depression, and overwhelm. I am


excited to be able to share these skills with you. 

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