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Embodiment Workshops

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Introduction to Embodiment

In this class you will learn about embodiment and why it is important to have an embodiment practice as a part of your daily routine. We will spend time examining your comfort zone and why it is limiting your growth. We will also examine our thoughts and words and how they affect our overall experience in life. 

Setting Boundaries

In this class we will take a look at your values and whether you are living with true values or should values. Then we will dive into boundaries, examine where you have them, where you don't and how to get comfortable with holding firm with them. Having and holding strong boundaries can be a powerful and life changing step. 

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Listening to Your Body

Learning to listen to the language of your body is the most important step in building an embodiment practice. In this class we will explore listening to intuition, listening to pain, and how taking the time to pause can make hearing your body's needs a whole lot clearer. This is one you don't want to miss!

"Kenzie's "Listening to Your Body" workshop helped me to open up to what my body was trying to say. We tend to block out and often ignore what our body is trying to say because our brain has an endless to-do list that it powers through regardless of consequences to the body. This workshop gave me beneficial tools to talk to my body and try and figure out what was causing it pain. The answer was quite surprising to me, and I would have only gotten there with the help of Kenzie's kind guiding words and the tools she recommended to get there. I wouldn't have reached the type of insight I needed on my own. Kenzie is a beautiful resource for exploring new things with your body and mind, and I can't recommend this workshop enough!" Jo S. 

Getting Unstuck

We all go through periods of feeling stuck. But how do you get yourself moving again? In this class we experiment with multiple methods of getting your energy flowing and using that momentum to propel you forward. 

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Businesswoman at Home

"Business Boundaries is a workshop that not only small business owners should take, but really anyone looking at better ways to improve setting, defining and implementing boundaries." Studio Seven

"The small group environment made the class very impactful and relatable to MY life and MY small business." Emma G. Hair Stylist 

Healthy Business Boundaries

As a small business owner and BodyMind Coach specializing in burnout recovery, I know that one of the things that highly contributes to burnout for small business owners is not keeping strong boundaries in your business.
We will cover 3 main topics-

  • Why setting healthy boundaries is important to avoid burnout in your business.

  • Working through what healthy boundaries look like in your business.

  • How to feel confident sticking with your boundaries without the guilt.

~90 minutes
~Small Groups (10 person max)
~Group Discussion & Meditation
You will walk away with a clear plan of healthy boundaries for your business and the confidence to implement them.


Individual classes are $200 each

Register for 3 classes and get the 4th for free

Licensed Massage Therapists save $50 per class

Scholarships available

Email me at for scholarship applications

If you are interested in taking any of my workshops or hosting the Healthy Business Boundaries workshop for your group or organization please reach out to Kenzie @ or via the Contact Me form on the home page.

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