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"I have been receiving Bodymind coaching from Mckenzie for a few months now! Since we don’t live close, we meet virtually. She is punctual, organized & talented. Her approach to coaching is kind & supportive; yet still holding me accountable to take the necessary actions in changing my life. She helps me to get grounded when I’m over analyzing & to be more connected with my body. Ultimately, she’s helped me lay the bricks down to walk on a better path. So many things have shift in my life since working with her & I am so very grateful to have found her coaching! Thank you Mckenzie, you are the best!!" Stephanie J.



BodyMind Coaching is a technique that provides powerful coaching conversations along with embodiment exercises via video calls to help you create healthier habits around managing your daily stress, getting unstuck, and making significant steps toward big changes in your life. Every client will receive a customized coaching program created just for you and your individual needs. 

~Single Sessions (Limit 3)

Learn skills to keep you moving forward in your life. 

~3 Month Program

Make progress toward your goals.

~6 Month Program

Commit to big moves in your life.

What to know more?

Please contact me to schedule your embodied discovery call.


3 Month Program

I work with people who are unclear on how to achieve a feeling of peaceful calm when they are in a stressful situation. I help my clients build an embodiment practice so that they can return to a calm and collected space whatever the situation. 

In this 3 month program we will meet every other week via zoom. During our time together we will explore which embodiment practices work best for you; whether that is yoga, meditation, walks in nature, or something else. I will help you recognize the feeling of embodiment, when your whole body is relaxed and your mind is clear. I will also give you the tools to live that in your everyday, and teach you how to utilize it to help you reach your goals and dreams.




6 Month Program

This program is for people who are overworked, overwhelmed, and on the verge of burnout. Whatever the cause, family, work, or even just pandemic overload, this program will help empower you to take back control of your time, your confidence, and give you the power to make yourself a priority again. 


In this 6 month program we will meet every other week via zoom. During our time together you will learn the tools to help you break the cycle of burnout. This program will help you slow down and remember why your needs are important, beyond your family, job, and other responsibilities.


This program focuses on helping you learn skills to be able to start to incorporate an embodiment practice into your daily life; thereby empowering you to make self-care and personal growth a regular part of your routine.


This program will leave you prepared to get back to life with a healthier mindset and a plan of action to keep burnout at bay.  

This program is also available as a week long retreat in Costa Rica. 


"Kenzie was a beacon during a very dark time for me in 2020 and 2021. My job had become especially taxing and stressful during the start of the pandemic and the months that followed, so I started seeing Kenzie for Body Mind coaching. The benefits were numerous including the feeling of stress being lifted from my body, elimination of negative thoughts and reorientation of how I could control (or not) external forces. Here in summer 2022, I can say I’m so grateful for the past 2+ years I’ve spent with Kenzie. I am in a much better place with all aspects of my home and professional life."  -Bob W.

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